Feel nature’s energy (chi) in our specialiteas

The Chi Time Tea quest began a long time ago. A meandering journey of studious enlightenment, exciting discovery, bold experimentation and precise formulation. A path that led to the appreciation and mastery of the hidden chi of herbs, flowers and fruits and an extensive range of healing teas launched in 2016.

A delightful assortment of positively delicious loose leaf teas, expertly combined for specific health benefits, that celebrate the delicate beauty of each hand-picked ingredient. Teas that offer a lingering natural tonic to your soul.

Our resolve

  • To use superb quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible and ethically farmed using environmentally sustainable methods
  • To support the local packaging industry and use environmentally friendly recyclable materials 

Our divinely diverse range of herbal infusions


Before and after action boost and rehydration. Enjoy hot or iced.


Feel good. Look good. Glowing skin and weight loss.

Beneficial Brews

The health benefits of these two teas will astound you.


Sometimes you just need a cup of less adventurous, but still delicious tea.

Iced Teas

Share 330 ml with great friends at sundown!
Best served chilled!